Tech for Peace Symposium 2023 Held

The Tech for Peace Symposium 2023 was held on March 26, 2023, at the NY Office of the University of Tokyo. The symposium aimed to discuss technology-enabled peacebuilding and brought together participants from various fields, including domestic and international experts, academics, non-governmental organizations, and businesses.

The program included keynote speeches, panel discussions, high school student exploration presentations, and round discussion tables. In the keynote speech, Professor Hidenori Watanave of the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo introduced the development of digital archives for peace. He highlighted the activities of digital archives to remember various calamities. He introduced ways to utilize valuable memories of the past.

In the panel discussion, Mr. Tsutomu Kono, Senior Political Officer, United Nations Office for Regional Disarmament, Information & Outreach Branch Office for Disarmament Affairs; Mr. Taichiro Fujino, Associate Expert, Office of the Technical Envoy, United Nations Secretariat; Mr. Tatsuru Sakamoto, Japanese Language Teacher, United Nations International School, and Mr. Tomohiro Kawase, Partnership Specialist, Japan Unit, External Relations Advocacy, UN Development Programme NY Headquarters They participated as panelists. After each panelist introduced what they are working on at UN agencies, they discussed the diffusion of technology, how to deal with the younger generation, the use of technology from a cross-sectoral perspective, and the profession's response to peaceful use.

The high school students' exploratory presentations covered various topics, followed by round discussion tables where participants freely exchanged ideas and opinions. Speakers and high school students brought their own experiences and perspectives to the discussion, which was free and vigorous. New ideas and solutions were generated by examining the relationship between technology and peacebuilding from various angles. Of particular note were opinions on the importance of active participation of the younger generation and the importance of countries and regions working together to achieve common goals.

After the symposium, participants further exchanged ideas and shared their activities and initiatives. The event was a valuable opportunity to promote the use of technology in peacebuilding efforts and is sure to accelerate Tech for Peace's activities in the future.

Tech for Peace Symposium 2023 was an important event that focused on technology-enabled peacebuilding, leveraging the diverse backgrounds and knowledge of the participants to explore avenues for building peace in the future. We hope these symposiums will continue to increase awareness of the peaceful use of technology and encourage more people to work together to make peace.

Request for Support

Hidenori Watanave Laboratory, Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, is developing and operating a digital archive to preserve memories of disasters and wars for the next generation. To pass on these technologies to the future, we are seeking donations to sustain our research and introduce advanced technologies. Your support and cooperation in this project are greatly appreciated.