About UTokyoNY

The oldest national university in Japan

The University of Tokyo is the leading institution of higher education in Japan, with its faculties and graduate schools covering the breadth of academic disciplines. Established in 1877, the University of Tokyo is the oldest national university in Japan and has contributed to the development of the modern state of Japan. The University has taken the lead in social innovation as Japan’s top comprehensive research university and aims to provide students with rich opportunities for intellectual development.


The University of Tokyo New York Office (UTokyoNY) was established under the initiative of two university institutes, the Institute of Medical Science and the Institute of Industrial Science, to facilitate research as well as academic and social collaboration activities in the United States.

Inauguration ceremony on November 6, 2015

Transformed to a University-wide US hub in 2019

In order to utilize the expertise of the two institutions for the other academic disciplines and to expand UTokyoNY’s function, the Division for External Relations, a department serving the whole university, will take over the lead in its operation.

Geographical Advantages
  • Located in midtown Manhattan
  • In a business district where many Japanese companies’ US HQs & US companies are located.
    • Such a prime location allows us to serve as a networking platform for Japanese and American institutions in North America.
  • In the proximity of other US leading universities.

Activities of New York Office

Futuristic Office

In 2020, UTokyoNY was renovated as a futuristic office.
UTokyoNY aims to advance the University of Tokyo’s mission of providing excellence in research and teaching to the global community, and promote exchanges for its alumni and friends in the United States.

“UTokyoNY Salon” – a communication hub, equipped with newly designed open space

▶︎Promotes UTokyo’s research findings and collaborative projects in the U.S.
▶︎Hold seminars, workshops and meetings in NY’s prime location.

UTokyoNY’s Activities

Acceptance of Gifts & Organizational Structure