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Our Missions

  • Contributing to society with research findings
  • Cultivating the exceptional talents of the next generation
  • International academic exchanges and research collaborations

Our Activities

  • Development of collaborative research platforms for science and technology
  • Promotion of joint educational activities with universities and institutes
  • Planning and organizing joint symposiums and seminars

The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) is the leading institution of higher education in Japan, with its faculties and graduate schools covering the breadth of academic disciplines. Established in 1877, UTokyo is the oldest national university in Japan, and has contributed to the development of the modern state of Japan. The University has taken the lead in social innovation as Japan’s top comprehensive research university, and aims to provide students with rich opportunities for intellectual development.

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Hundreds of thousands of individuals have graduated from UTokyo. Talented UTokyo alumni from all generations have earned high marks for their outstanding performances in various fields.

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