“2022 COMMON GROUND Symposium in NYC” Held


The Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of The University of Tokyo held the "2022 COMMON GROUND Symposium in NYC" on the evening of Thursday, October 13, 2022 (early morning of October 14, Japan time).

It took place at the Verizon Executive Education Center on the Cornell Tech campus near The University of Tokyo New York office, attended by many in-person and online people from academia and industry, mainly from the U.S. and Japan.

The symposium began with opening remarks by Toru Okabe, Director General of the IIS, followed by Professor Tomonari Yashiro of IIS, who called for a global, holistic and interdisciplinary approach and collaboration among academia and industry for Common Ground.

Project Professor Keisuke Toyoda and Project Professor Yoichiro Miyake of the IIS gave keynote speeches on the Common Ground, a dynamic spatial description platform for various types of applications and devices, and on cutting-edge research utilizing game engines and AI as a real-time simulator for humans and non-human agents, followed by stimulating discussions with the four guest panelists invited from academia and industry in the U.S., moderated by Professor Toyoda.

The event ended on a high note, with high expectations for the future roadmap and the promising potential of the Common Ground.

Guest panelists:

Fabio DUARTE - Principal Research Scientist, MIT Senseable City Lab, MIT

Rodger LUO - Principal AI Researcher, AI Lab, Autodesk Inc.

John CERONE - Principal, SHoP Architects

Ivan PANUSHEV – Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Engineering, Construction & Real Estate, Amazon Web Services, Inc.