IMSUT NY Seminar 2024 ~Genomics: From Disease to Healthcare~ The recording videos are now available on YouTube!

Please visit our YouTube channel to watch the lecture videos.

IMSUT NY Seminar 2024 - YouTube


Date: March 21(Thu.), 2024 1:00 pm-5:10 pm at UTokyoNY


Opening remarks / Greeting from Dean of IMSUT

                          Makoto NAKANISHI, Dean of IMSUT

 1 Trans-ancestry genomic analysis of gastric cancer reveals unique cancer risk  factors in Japanese and East Asian populations

                          Tatsuhiro SHIBATA [IMSUT]

 2 Cancer genomics and cancer disparities research at the New York Genome Center

                          Nicolas ROBINE [New York Genome Center]

 3 Clinical cancer genomics as a driver of advances in oncology

                          Marc LADANYI [Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center ]

 4 Understanding the function of non-coding DNA

                          Natsuhiko KUMASAKA [IMSUT]

 5 Metagenome analysis leads a paradigm shift in health/medical care

                          Seiya IMOTO [IMSUT]


Organized by: The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo (IMSUT)


Supported by: UTokyoNY