“Experience Excellence at UTokyo – Graduates Discuss UTokyo at UTokyo NY Office” Held and its PR Video Released

This video showcases the event held at the New York Office on October 23, 2023, where the university was introduced to prospective students and their families residing in New York and its surrounding areas. The "Experience Excellence at UTokyo" initiative was initially launched in the fall of 2021. This year's meeting included the filming of the event to expand the university's outreach to a broader audience. 


During the event, four UTokyo alumni based in the New York area shared their experiences of student life at UTokyo and their subsequent career journeys, along with giving messages to future students. The 10-minute video incorporates scenes from the office's neighborhood. We hope you enjoy watching it! 


Experience Excellence at UTokyo - Graduates discuss UTokyo at UTokyo NY Office 


Yujin Yaguchi, Ph.D., Vice President of UTokyo & Director of Center for Global Education 


[UTokyo Alumni, Degree (Year of Graduation)] 

Koichi Kurata, BA, North American Studies (2007) 

Hyeyoon Elaine Sung, BA, Japan in East Asia, PEAK (2017) 

Natalie Overchuk, Master, Public Policy (2019) 

Lynn Hirose, BS, Earth and Planetary Environmental Science (2021)