Symposium “Exploring the Universe with Multi-Messengers” Held

The Institute for Cosmic Ray Research at the University of Tokyo (ICRR) held a special symposium, "Exploring the Universe with the Multi-messenger Astronomy", in which researchers affiliated with the Institute and researchers predominantly participating from the United States gave lectures and exchanged information. The symposium was online from midnight of February 12 (JST) and included general participants in addition to researchers. Approximately 300 people watched the event, which was broadcasted simultaneously on Zoom and YouTube as well as made available for two weeks as an archived stream. At the beginning of the symposium, Professor Hiroyuki Sagawa said, "We are very happy that over 300 people have registered for this event and that so many are interested. I hope you will enjoy the event." Following the opening remarks, Masaharu Masuyama, President of UTokyoNY, and David Spergel, President of the Simons Foundation, gave remarks as guests of honor. Following the opening remarks, Director Takaaki Kajita gave a keynote speech titled "Multi-messenger Astronomy and the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research," and the symposium ended on a high note with researchers discussing Multi-messengers from their own perspectives. The details of the event report are ICRR website.