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Pecan Project : finalist in the hackathon “AG/SUM Harvest”

In the hackathon “AG/SUM Harvest” held in Feb 2017, Team “PPAP” from UTokyo proposed a system that enables mass-production of pecan nuts in Japan, along with plans for commercialization and branding. The team was nominated as one of the 8 finalists out of 25.

"AG/SUM Harvest" is a hackathon hosted by the Nikkei Newspaper, where teams compete with their ideas to solve problems in agriculture in Japan.

"PPAP" stands for “Passionate Profitable Agriculture with Pecan” and the team was born in the UTokyo New York Office related community. The members are Prof. T. Fujiwara, APs H. Iwata, T. Maki and K. Oki, and ARF S. Nishikawa. The team continues to give their efforts in this project and at the same time in creating new fields by a fusion of agriculture and engineering.

See the detail on the web page of Agritech Summit.

https://www.agsum.jp/news/news-007 (in Japanese)
https://www.agsum.jp/news/005 (in Japanese)
https://www.agsum.jp/en/ (in English)

AG-SUM hackathon

Presentation Team PPAP