IMSUT NY Seminar 2024 ~Genomics: From Disease to Healthcare~


開催:現地開催(UTokyoNY:145 west 57th Street 21st Floor, New York 10019)

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Facilitator: Yuichiro KUWAMA [The Mount Sinai Hospital ]

        Yoshiko MITO [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai]

13:00-13:10  Opening remarks / Greeting from Dean of IMSUT

          Makoto NAKANISHI, Dean of IMSUT

13:10-13:40  Trans-ancestry genomic analysis of gastric cancer reveals unique cancer risk

                          factors in Japanese and East Asian populations

                          Tatsuhiro SHIBATA [IMSUT]

13:40-14:25  Cancer genomics and cancer disparities research at the New York Genome Center

                          Nicolas ROBINE [New York Genome Center]

14:25-15:10  Clinical cancer genomics as a driver of advances in oncology

                          Marc LADANYI [Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center ]

15:10-15:25  COFFEE BREAK

15:25-15:55  Understanding the function of non-coding DNA

                          Natsuhiko KUMASAKA [IMSUT]

15:55-16:40  Clinical applications of cell-free DNA screening by next generation sequencing

                          Yoshiko MITO [Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai]

16:40-17:10  Metagenome analysis leads a paradigm shift in health/medical care

                          Seiya IMOTO [IMSUT]

17:10-17:15  Closing remarks 

17:30-18:30  Post-seminar Discussion with refreshments and drinks