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UTokyo by the Numbers


The University of Tokyo (UTokyo), established in 1877, is the leading institution of higher education in Japan, with its faculties and graduate schools covering the breadth of academic disciplines. As Japan's largest comprehensive university, we are engaged in advanced and diverse educational and research activities centered on three campuses: Hongo, Komaba, and Kashiwa Campuses.

  • Founded in 1877
  • No. of students 28,599
  • Annual budget 261,172
  • Academic and
    administrative staff 10,803
  • University
    organizations 41
  • Total land holdings 326,030,644


Our aim is to contribute to society through education and research and improve the world.

  • Exchange of
    Researchers 16,339 Active academic exchanges of students and researchers.
  • Cited Papers 388,713 One indicator for a researcher's achievement is how frequently their academic papers are cited by others. Researchers at the UTokyo have produced many research results. ※Number of times that papers published by UTokyo researchers between 2014 and 2018 have been were cited by papers indexed in "Web of Science" during the same five-year period (Source: data from the Essential Science Indicators database, accessed on August 27, 2019)
  • Books and Other Materials 9,745,659 The University of Tokyo Library System is composed of the General Library, the Komada Library, the Kashiwa Library, and 27 libraries attached to departments or related research institutions.
    Materials kept include not only Japanese books, but also journals and numerous books written in languages other than Japanese.
  • Start-up Companies Approx. 360 UTokyo provides support for commercialization of research results and support for university-initiated ventures. As of March 31, 2019, approximately 360 UTokyo-related start-ups have been established, and that number continues to grow.


UTokyo’s educational and research activities span across the entire world.
There are active exchanges with overseas universities and international students from all over the world gather and learn at UTokyo.
UTokyo has been and will continue to be a Global Base for Knowledge Collaboration.

  • Overseas facilities
    and offices 30
  • International exchange
    agreements 519
  • UTokyo students
    studying abroad 422
  • International
    students at UTokyo 4,267


Hundreds of thousands of individuals have graduated from UTokyo.
Talented UTokyo alumni from all generations have earned high marks for their outstanding performance in various fields.

  • Total number of graduates 458,455
  • Nobel Prize
    Winners 10
  • Astronauts 5